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Courses in Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurvedic Massage


The ayurvedic massage is a millenary tradition involving the art and science of touch. The course involves 500 hours for the study of the different massage techniques such as Abhyanga, Kansu, Udvartana, Pichauli and many more.



Specialisation in Ayurveda and Maternity


This is an in depth study of pregnancy in Ayurveda which involves:

1. Mother and baby well being

2. Baby massage

3. Post-course on specialised ayurvedic massage:

  •  Ayurveda and women

  •  Massage for pregnant women

  •  Massage for pregnant women- in depth study

  •  Summary and exam


Specialisation in Marma Tchikitsa

The thousand year old secret science of marmas is the key of the Ayurvedic massage. Marmas are the points and regions situated in the subtle body and their stimulation can have a positive effect on pain, chronic blockages and on the circulation of energies in the whole body. Marma tchikitsa is a journey of interiorization.

Conducted by Kiran Vyas, Pankaj Vyas and JJ Malangin

Specialisation in Tridosha massage


Study of a soft and harmonizing massage that re-establishes the balance of the body while following the energetic circuits particularly the lymphatic and veinous circulations. This massage was derived from the work of Samvahana that pacifies Vatta, regulates Pitta and Kapha and goes smoothly through several points of marma. Siby Varghese is from Kerala, India. He studied and practised this massage with his teacher for many years. He will share the richness of his experience and his personality.

Tridosha (100h) conducted by Siby Varghese


Specialisation in Saundarya

Study of Ayurvedic beauty treatments using rich ayurvedic oils and masks that purifies and nourishes the skin and hair.

Specialisation in Shirodhara and head massages


This is an in depth study of various techniques of head massages: shirodhara (psychological approach, technical details, its applications and its benefits), shirchampi (various movements and techniques of head massages) as well as shiropitchu and the very special technique of shirobasti. Nowadays, these treatments are recognized for their effectiveness for their aesthetic qualities but also for reducing health problems (migraines, insomnia, memory problems etc).

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