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Courses in Ayurveda

Diploma in Ayurvedic Health Care (DAH)

Diploma in Ayurvedic Health care (DAH) is the first professionally accredited programme based on the curriculum supplied by the Department of AYUSH, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, India, and is recognised as one of the leading therapist training programmes in ayurvedic medicine.

It offers the student a comprehensive and integrated curriculum, combining ayurvedic wisdom and understanding with modern medical science as recommended by the European Herbal and Traditional Medicine Practitioners Association (EHTPA).

  • 3 years course 

  • 4 modules of 12 days per year in Normandy

  • Clinical practice of 4 weeks in India at the end of the 3 years

The course will be fully in English

Ayurvedic Anatomy


The human body is a scientific and aesthetic miracle and a marvel. The study of anatomy is as fundamental and imperative for the study of Indian massage, Ayurveda or yoga, whatever the basic discipline you choose to do.
We propose two methods of teaching:
1.    At Tapovan Paris during weekends.
2.    Distance learning to study by yourself at your own pace
A course in anatomy is greatly advised for students in the massage course as this topic is in their exams.

Taught in French.

Ayurveda for women


Woman is the symbol of  Energy. She is called Shakti in India or Isis in the ancient Egypt. Woman is the driving force and her beauty, her well-being and her health, from all the stages from adolescence until menopause and even later have many descriptions in Ayurveda.

The health of mankind depends on the health of Earth, the Nourishing earth. With an internal ecology and an outside ecology, we shall learn this new dimension which is a main vector of the development of women and the future mankind.

The week of seminar will be dedicated to the in-depth study of the subject with appropriate practices of yoga.

Taught in French.


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