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Courses in yoga

Yoga provides us with techniques and approaches that promote the union of all our states of consciousness.

Hatha-yoga classes in Paris


Hatha yoga, which combines pranayama (breathing exercises) and asanas (postures) and practised in peace and with concentration, helps to create an awareness of your inner being. It also revitalises your body, eliminates stress, fatigue and depression.

Taught in French. 

If needed, an individual yoga class in English can be arranged.


More details (timings, fees, etc).

Seminars and workshops on yoga in Paris


Practice of Pranayama, Asanas, Kriyas and meditation. Study of the philosophy of yoga and the contribution of postures to health and recovery.

Taught in French.

Nada yoga

Nada Yoga is the yoga of the primordial sound. Ustad Usman Khan will present the ragas (melodic modes), the talas (rhythms) and the identification of different notes that will guide us towards Nada Yoga, the eternal and cosmic sound.


Yoga for eyes


The yoga for eyes is a simple and natural technique that can be practised by all. This helps to rest and embellish the eyes as well as to maintain and improve the eyesight. It is virtually an education for the eyes that teaches how to use the visual capacities in the best possible manner. This education is imparted in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere.

Taught in French.

Holidays and yoga

One week of relaxation just practing yoga, walking and cycling in the open air of the countryside of Normandy.

The morning is dedicated to the fitness of the body through yoga exercises, breathing techniques, relaxation, meditation, chanting of mantras and the circulation of energy in the body.

In the afternoon, you will enjoy walking or cycling along the sea and breathe the fresh and pure air and feel yourself alive!

An exceptional week of complete regeneration through yoga and organic food.

Taught in French.

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