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The Ayurvedic retreat, for whom?

To all those who search for a new “science of living and being”, a new vision of global health, to those who seek to go forward in the development of themselves, of their health and well being.

To those who are curious and search a pinch of exoticism, to those who want to explore the ancient healing system of India combined with modern comfort…


According to the type of retreat, you will enjoy:
  • Shirodhara: a blissful treatment in which a soothing stream of warm oil is poured on your forehead where you will feel your mind and body deeply relaxed

  • Abhyanga: a thorough and rejuvenating massage of the whole body

  • Pichauli: a deep massage with nourishing warm oil given by four hands

  • Shashtishalipindasweda: a refreshing and nurturing massage with rice pudding and Ayurvedic herbs

  • Saptasthiti (massage of 7 postures)

  • Udvartana: a revitalizing massage with herbal paste to deeply cleanse your skin and tone up the body

  • Kansu ® : a feet massage with a bowl to eliminate toxins and relieve stress

and more to discover…

Body Healing
Ojaskar - the well being retreat



Ojas means light. Ojas literally means “that increases the light of the body, its immunity”. This is the classical retreat of well being.


Do not worry about anything, except to relax more and more deeply and to clear your mind! This is the basic condition for your “re-birth”.

Our treatments evolve each day, according to the principles of Ayurveda.


2024 Dates:

17 to 23 March (2)

31 March to 6 April  (2)
28 April to 4 May (1)

5 to 11 May (2)

28 July to 3 August (2)

4 to 10 August (2)

1 to 7 Septembre (1)

13 to 19 October(1)
20 to 26 October (2)

Cost (1) = Ojaskar Low season  : 910 €
(2) = Ojaskar High season :  995 €

. extra 3 shirodharas (300 € extra )
. extra Panchakarma  (195 € extra)
. extra well being & detox practices (75 € extra)

Karshan - the slimming retreat


This retreat includes traditional treatments that slims you down and redefines your silhouette.


Derived from the Ayurvedic tradition, these treatments consist of udvartana (massage with herbal paste), shitavastra (wet cloth body wrap) pichauli, shashtishalipindasweda, 7 postures massage, Kansu®, sudation etc.  Along with this retreat, you will follow an appropriate diet and drink herbal teas according to the principles of Ayurveda.  


2024 Dates:

14 to 20 April 
19 to 25 May
16 to 22 June
21 to 27 July
25 to 31 August
8 to 14 September
27 October to 2 nov.


More details

Rasayanakalpa - the royal retreat

Rasayana means rejuvenation and kalpa means transformation.


This is the retreat for maharajas and maharanis, a retreat of rejuvenation, a genuine experience of a bath of youth, real happiness for the body and the mind.

This retreat includes various treatments such as shirodhara with Ayurvedic oils, pizzichili ( royal treatment of the entire body with 5 liters of special Ayurvedic oils), ghritdhara, abhyanga, shashtishalipindsweda, kesardudh (nourishing massage with milk with saffron), Kansu ®, sudation.  

It is advised that you first experience Ojaskar retreat before Kayakalpa.


2024 Dates:

14 to 20 July
11 to 17 August
22 to 28 September


International Symposium on Yoga & Ayurveda
Enjoy the talks of experts on Ayurveda, environment or arts as well as the benefits from Ayurvedic treatments.
Theme: Stress, an obstacle to happiness


2023 Dates:

20 to 22 September (Ayurveda Symposium)


More details

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Residential retreats are available in Normandy.


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