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International Symposium on Ayurveda

22- 24 September 2023

An informative and luminous forum for those who want to discover a holistic approach to health.


2023 Theme: Stress, an obstacle to happiness

Invited experts since last 12 years:


Dr ATHIQUE (Ayurveda doctor and professor at the Middlesex University, UK.)

Dr M. BAGHEL (Director at the Ayurveda University (Gujarat). Expert in gastro enterology, parasitologyand dermatology)

VAIDYA ASHVIN BAROT (Eminent specialist and researcher in Ayurveda in UK)

Professor DOMINIQUE BELPOMME (Eminent cancerologist at Necker University. Chairman of the French Association for Research
on Treatments Against Cancer)

Dr VIJAY CHAUHAN (Ayurvedic doctor and international speaker. Executive consultant at Piramal, India)

Vaidya BHAGWAN DASH (One of today’s authorities in the field of Ayurveda, consultant of W.H.O and of the Indian Government. Honorary President of the «Italian Institut of Ayurveda» )

Dr S.A. PASHA (Unani Adviser at Health Ministry, Governement of India)

Dr NIKOLAOS KOSTOPOULOS (Allopathic doctor, homeopath, specialist in Ayurveda and researcher in collaboration with Dr Asvin Barot. Founder and director of «Holistic Center» at Athenes)

Professor JACQUES LEBAS ( Consultant in International Public
Health, doctor (director of service) at the St Antoine hospital,
lecturer at CNAM -health and development)

Dr DOMINIQUE LEYRONNAS (Neonatal peadiatrician (emergency service))

Dr U.K. KRISHNA (World known speaker and ayurvedic doctor specialised in panchakarma and other therapy of rasayana therapies. Doctorate in allopathy, Director of « Nippon Ayurveda school » in Tokyo.)

Dr BHASWATI BHATTACHARYA (Allopathic doctor, specialised in Ayurveda, The Dinacharya Institute, USA)

ISABELLE CELESTIN (Director of IFH (French Institute of Hypnosis) Psychologist-Psychotherapist Pain and Palliative Care Unit, CHU Bicêtre)

Dr ANUP THAKAR (Ayurvedic Doctor at the University of Ayurveda of Jamnagar, Gujarat.)

BRUNO SUAREZ (Doctor specialised in radiology and scientific advisor at the French Association of Hypnosis)

KARINE KLEIN (Ayurveda expert. Coordinator and interpreter)

LAV SHARMA (Musician and yoga teacher)

FALGUNI VYAS (Ayurvedic doctor, specialised in ayurvedic cuisine and maternity)

ISABELLE NEGRE (Doctor – Director of pain reliever and palliative treatment department – Bicêtre University and Hospital)

Dr RAJPOOT (Ayurvedacharya, President and founder of «Dhanvantri Institute of Ayurveda» in Prague)

Dr GURDIP SINGH (Ex professor at the University of Jamnagar and Hassan)

Dr SHAILAJA UPPINAKUDURU (Ayurvedic doctor specialised in obstetrics)

Dr PRASANNARAO (Principal of S.D.M. College Ayurveda
Hospital of Hassan. Ayurvedic doctor, specialised in Ayurvedic surgery)

Dr XAVIER DE LACOCHETIERE  (Doctor in nutrition)

Dr LAXMIPRASAD (Ayurvedic doctor, specialised in Panchakarma, obesity and immunology)

CLAIRE CASCALES VYAS (Allopathic doctor, Homeopathy and Ayurveda)

Dr. Thomas Reji (Ayurvedic doctor. Specialist in Kalari Massage)
Rosenberg Mark and Kertsin: Directors of Europäische Akademie für Ayurvéda

SERRANO SOPHIE   (Consultant and teacher in the field of well-being)
STAPELFELDT ELMAR ( Ayurvedic pratician, ayurveda naturheil praxis)

Dr. TIWARI PREMWATI (Former head paediatrics and
obstetrics of the Benares Hindu Hospital. Today, she is the
director/headmistress of the Ma Anandamayi Hospital, Benares

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