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Tapovan, a blend of East and West.

Tapovan is a place to meet like-minded people in the aspiration of diving deeper into the knowledge of Ayurveda and themselves. TAPOVAN is a meeting place for all, full of authenticity in a peaceful atmosphere. It is a place full of vibrant energy that connects the East with the West.

Tapovan Paris


A quiet retreat in the midst of vibrant Paris, Tapovan invites you to spend your time in our bookstore, tea room and enjoy the bliss of a traditional ayurvedic massage. You can also join yoga classes, training courses related to Indian massage, ayurvedic treatments or other disciplines.

At Tapovan Paris, our large range of ayurvedic massages are available both à la carte or in form of a (personnalised) programme. Authentic Ayurvedic massages gently carry you away from the stress of the urban life and offer unforgettable moments with yourself.

We also invite you to join the weekly courses on Yoga as well as the monthly workshops and seminars on ayurvedic massage, Yoga and Yogic exercises for the eyes.

Tapovan Paris includes a bookstore - tea room, a place where you can find the works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. In addition, books on Indian solutions to health, Indian philosophy as well as organic spices and incenses are also available.


Tapovan Normandy


Tapovan Normandy welcomes you for the unique experience of an Ayurvedic retreat. You can also come to attend residential seminars and courses in various fields such as massage, Ayurveda or yoga.

Situated 4 km away from the cliffs of Caux and 12 km from Fécamp in the north of France, Tapovan campus seeks to create a calm, serene and relaxing atmosphere in the countryside and the refreshing air of the sea. The campus is a small walk away from the beaches of Petites Dalles whose beauty inspired the paintings of Monet and Delacroix.

In such beautiful surroundings, far from the hustle of daily life and in the very heart of nature with the presence of all the 5 elements in the green of the forest, in the clean open air and with the sea as its neighbour. Tapovan Normandy offers treatments in form of week-long retreats, day long programmes or even individual treatments for short term visitors.


ATLANTIDE - Huguette Declercq
Formation ayurvéda massage
16, rue Bois Paris, 1380 Lasne BELGIUM
Ph: +00 32 2 633 12 66



HRIDAYA - Doris Schurch
Treiten strasse 2
CH - 2578 Brüttelen, SWITZERLAND
Ph: + 41 (0) 79 312 88 34



ANANDA - Hervé Dinon
18, rue Victoire américaine
33000 Bordeaux
Ph: 06 30 18 12 55
l'Etincelle - Marine Laurent
Hameau le Bouchet - 07330 Thueyts FRANCE
Ph: +33 (0)4 75 39 65 77


Atlantide's yoga hall amidst nature

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