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Tapovan, free progress learning

The university-cities of Nalanda and Takshashila in Ancient India were excelling in all fields of knowledge. Ten thousand students, coming from many parts of Asia, enjoyed the knowledge of two thousand teachers in languages, science, philosophy and metaphysics.

The concept of a permanent education in a spirit of Free Progress prevailed in this place of memory, symbol of education, application, erudition, openness of mind and generosity. Established in an ecological environment, the universities illuminated the natural energy of the five elements: Earth, Water, Light, Air or Ether, free from all pollution.


Tapovan aspires to these ancient concepts and projects them in the 3rd millennium by instituting a creative and fruitful pedagogy between the East and the West. Experts from India and Europe regularly come to deliver us their treasures in all their authenticity.

Tapovan cherishes friendly relations with the School of Ayurveda,UK and as well as Ayurvedic Universities of Hassan and Benares, India.

Tapovan has signed an MOU with Ayurveda Jamnagar University, India.











Each course includes 100 to 500 hours of theory and practice. They are meant for those who wish to acquire a new type of knowledge so that it can be shared with their friends and family but also to those who want to become professional therapists or specialists in desired disciplines.
The system of modules is used in a spirit of Free Progress: you can choose your discipline of interest and progress at your own pace, respecting at the same your aspirations and the needs and reality of your daily life.


Each course emphasizes on experience and on the respect of the authenticity of tradition. They consist of a quest and applying changes towards well being, health and harmony. The practitioners of alternative health systems are expanding in the actual context. In order to answer this demand, each course is composed with care and depth, which will open you a new window towards knowledge. It will also be an opening up to yourself which will enable you to advance on your path.

A passport for your Tapovan course will be given from the beginning of the course which you will have during all your activities and courses as it will be used to validate the different steps of certification of Tapovan. At the end of the course, a passport of professional experience will be handed over and this will be used to validate your professional practice in one of the Tapovan centres.


All the courses taught by Tapovan are accepted as lifelong and continuous education by the Government of France since 1989.

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