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My retreat was delicious.

I gained energy and flexibility. I came here very tired, I am leaving perky!



An ayurvedic retreat - regeneration from the core.


Ayurveda is an Indian traditional science of vital energy.  Scientifically recognized in India for its effectiveness, integrates pure knowledge and applied sciences that improve the longevity and quality of life.


The Ayurvedic retreat draws its inspiration straight from the profound sources of Ayurveda (5000 years old and more) and is certainly more than a simple fitness retreat.

An Ayurvedic retreat is more of a science of living, a deep resourcing, a complete submergence into the five elements which constitutes the universe and ourselves (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Ether). It is a discovery of our underlying nature and a better knowledge of ourselves.


The retreat is firstly a place to recharge and regenerate yourself. It relaxes, appeases, and clears all the toxins accumulated since years, whatever their origin. It invigorates the whole being, cells and tissues but also the energetic and emotional systems.


The retreat improves your health that helps you to face all the difficulties and tensions of daily life: better resistance to disorders, a stable and strong morale that helps you to cope up with stress…a real preventive approach of health!


During the retreat, you will feel like an Indian maharaja or maharani receiving blissful oil massages, rich unctions, steam therapies which favor the flow of energy  in different nadis: a very special feeling to return into oneself, to interiorize oneself.

Soothing and enveloping texture of oils, perfume of incense, deep appeasing music or mantras, spring and autumn bouquet, flower petals floating in a stone pot, all contributes to the creation of a calm and serene atmosphere.


As food is an integral part of the healing process, tasty, healthy and satisfying meals are freshly prepared by our Ayurvedic cook with vegetables coming directly from our organic garden.  Cooking demonstrations including knowledge of spices and herbs are also provided for simple tasty recipes that you can bring home!


India in Normandy



















The “Ananda Mayi” room, dressed with saris, fabrics and furniture from Gujarat, is dedicated to meditation and silence.

You can contemplate the charm of the back and forth movement of the swinging jula, the grace of the antiquities of India or family treasures and the eminenet presence of Saraswati, goddess of knowledge, art and music. Everything is here  to make you travel to India…


Inside the soft cocoon of the retreat, the scented atmosphere reminds the perfumes of India;

outside, through the big glass windows arise the protecting beech trees, the blossomed apple trees or full of fruits, the bushes changing colors as season changes…and the green of the meadow, so much soothing for the eyes and the mind.


The sea and the cliffs of the “Pays de Caux” (region of high cliffs) are just nearby. They invite you for a walk, to breathe the marine smell of algae of shells, to carry your sight far away and inhale deeply before regaining the warmth and sweetness of the retreat.


It is a journey as far as to the Indian continent with this atmosphere full of authenticity and profound truthfulness. On the other hand, it is also a journey inside the countryside of Normandy with its subtle charm and its earthly wealth, starting with the “garden of herbs” and vegetable plots that produce aromatic plants used in herbal tea as well as seasonal vegetables, true fountains of youth!


An ecological site























Since the beginning TAPOVAN is careful about its harmonious integration in the environment. For that, Tapovan uses noble and natural materials for construction.  All are of organic and health-oriented origin. Solar panels to capture solar energy and rain water harvesting were installed as a permanent concern to respect ecology.

Tapovan has its own green house to produce 100 % organic fruits and vegetables that are freshly cooked and served in your dish!

A medicinal garden with plants widely used such as chamomilla and aloe vera as well as a mandala garden are grown for you to discover plants and enjoy the beauty of nature.

For more information and booking:

Residential retreats are available in Normandy.


If you are English speaker, call +33 1 45 77 90 59 or alternatively email on


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