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in Paris and Normandy

Ayurvedic massage is an ancient traditionnal and an authentic art and science of touch.

The Ayurvedic massage helps to activate our internal resources. The skin is an abundant source of anti ageing hormones that the touch will release.  Above all, the skin protects, nourishes and opens us to the external world.

Oil nourishes, reinforces and soothes the skin and the tissues. The harmonizing movements of the Ayurvedic massage follow a subtle path that guides us towards a fascinating and a unique journey within ourselves.


​Abhyanga is a rejuvenating massage of the entire body. This treatment softens your skin, relieves muscular tensions and appeases various types of physical pain. It reinforces your vitality, enhances your immunity and harmonizes your body as well as the mind.

Marma tchikitsa

Marma tchikitsa is similar to an Abhyanga that stimulates marmas (key points) and chakras (energetic centers) which are cleansed and rebalanced. This treatment is one of the thorough massages you will ever experience.


A blissful treatment in which a soothing stream of warm oil is poured on your forehead. This is where you will feel your mind and body deeply relaxed. This  treatment will help you to relieve from stress, headaches, nervosity, insomnia, lack of concentration and also nourishes your hair.


Almost like a bath of oil, this massage will give you a profound sensation of physical and mental well being. Warm Ayurvedic oil is massaged onto the whole body by four hands, nourishing the skin and tissues. The fluid and harmonious movements of this massage will enhance your flexibility and suppleness.

Kansu ®

Indian massage of the feet with a bowl made of bronze. This treatment balances the fire element and brings a complete relaxation and regulates sleep

Jambeera Pinda Sweda

Abhyanga massage followed by a massage with oil and hot herbs pouches

This massage relaxes, soothes the joints and helps energy flow in your body.


Udvartana is a revitalizing massage with a mixture of chickpea powder and ayurvedic plants that tones up your body, deeply scrubs and cleanses your skin leaving it silky soft to touch.

Saundarya (facial beauty treatment)

A delightful beauty treatment purifying and moisturising your face, neck and shoulders. Rich ayurvedic oils and masks are used to make your skin wonderfully smooth and radiant.

Kerala Massage

Indian massage with Ayurvedic oils in Kerala style.

Facial Reflexology

Stimulation of facial reflexes for facial rejuvenation and profound mind and body relaxation.


A thorough head massage with Ayurvedic oils that relieves you from headaches and tensions and provides a deep relaxation.

Feet Reflexology

Stimulation of feet reflexology point to improve health and

Preconception, Prenatal, postnatal massage

Massages for a smooth and enjoyable pregnancy for the mother.

Shantala workshop (baby massage)
Take time to massage your baby with the help of a therapist.
For more information and booking:


For Paris, call +33 1 45 77 90 59 or alternatively email on

For Normandy, call +33 2 35 29 20 21 or alternatively email on

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