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Ayurvedic beauty tips

5 Simple Ayurvedic beauty tips for a glowing skin!

1. Use RAW MILK to cleanse the skin and pores as it removes dirt and impurities and acts as a natural moisturiser
2. Use ORANGE to acquire a smooth complexion as it acts as a natural skin toner (specially for oily skin)
3. Use a paste of TURMERIC and SANDALWOOD powder (1tsp each with water)
4. Use POTATO to reduce pigmentation, blemishes and dark spots (rub a slice of potato daily)
5. Apply SESAME OIL for a young skin as it prevents the formation of wrinkles and lines


For a clean and soft skin: 

Mix 1 tbsp of chickepa powder with 1tsp of yogurt and a pinch of turmeric powder.

Apply as a mask for 15 minutes or use it as a scrub.

The chickpea powder deeply cleanses the skin, the yogurt moisturises the skin and makes it soft and the turmeric powder acts as an antiseptic to remove pimples and acne.


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