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Planetary Garden

Environement, Ecology and Sustainable development

19-21 June 2014

Because we believe the health of men depends on the health of Earth.


This event brings together engineers, scientists, researchers, students, managers and other professionals in order to address and discuss emerging environmental issues and hopefully, solutions to tackle them.


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Pierre Rabhi, Philippe Desbrosses, Thierry Gaudin,

Prof.Belpomme, Patrick Baronnet and many more have shared their knowledge and experience with us.


Topics: Organic Agriculture, biodiversity, habitation, energy, health, education, recycling, architecture, food, crisis....


List of speakers since 11 years:


Alix Vonderweidt (Artiste sculptor, initiator of  Yoga-Modelling)

Anne-Marie Filliozat  (Psychoanalyst and psychomotor therapist)

Aubert Claude (Agricultural engineer, author, founder of Terre Vivante)

Aubert Emmanuelle (Author, shaman)

Bharat Dikshit (Scientist and environmental researcher)

Professor Belpomme (Eminent cancer specialist)

Bompart Eric (president of Human Care)

Caroline  Lachowsky (Journalist in sciences and environment and co-producer of the scientific magazine Micromega on Radio France International)

Claire Chanut (Association Fotosyntesia)

Claire Hédon (Journalist on health on RFI)

Dominique Eraud ( Acupuncturist, herbalist and nutritioniststudent of Dr. Catherine Kousmine)

Danièle Rousseau (Founder president of the DIRIGEANTES network)

Dominique Eraud (Acupuncturist, nutritionist, founder of Ecomedicines)

Eric Grelet ( Live  cartoonist )

Estelle Grelier (European deputy)

Esther Martinez (Director of Eredurable/Consultant sustainable development)

Filliozat Anne-Marie (Spécialist of holistic health)

Florence Chaumont (Journalist at Radio Alligre)

Francis Busigny (Ecologist and Engineer)

Fredérique Basset (Journalist specialised in environement and ecology)

Isabelle Poirette ( Co-founder of an alternative conference center and a homeopathic spagyric Laboratory in Switzerland)

Dr Hanh (Acupuncturist - Dharmacharya (Dharma Teacher) in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh)

Laurent Bouquet (Manager of Hameau des Buis specialised in Agro-Forestry)

Jean-Eric Aubert (International expert and consultant for the World Bank and the OECD specialized in innovation policies)

Jean Marie Pelt ( French botanist, ecologist and founder of the European Institute of Ecology at Metz)

Genevieve Ancel (Co-founder of "Dialogues in humanity" in Lyon, former Chief of Staff of the Minister of the Environment)

Manob Tagore (Expert in business mangement and teacher of «management by consciousness»)

Marc Grollimund (Landcape specialist, botanist, agroecologist)

Marie-Ange Cotteret  (Dr in the philosophy of the measure, metrology)

Marieke Aucante (writer,journalist, TV director)

Maxence Layet (Journalist specialised in new technologies, electromagnetic fields and energies)

Maryvonne Pietri (Founder of "Cerclesenvie" helping individuals, groups and organizations for nearly 20 years)

Michel Melot (General curator of libraries)

Michèle Decoust (journalist, writer)

Nils Aucante (Journalist, movie director)

Ninad Bhatt (Indian ecologist)

Odile Ouachée (Doctor, psychosomatician, homeopath, ex-doctor of Emergency medical service)

Patrick Baronnet  (Founder of the Autonomous House, of Ecofestivals and of Ecocentres)

Patrick Viveret (Philosopher, political analyst, and one of the initiators «Dialogues en humanité»)

Philippe Desbrosses (Founder of organic agriculture in France, founder of the experimental farm of Ste Marthe)

Philippe Hauville (Manager at Habitat Ecologique Normand)

Pichard Frédérique (Naturopath, reflexologist, and dance with dolphins)

Pierre Rabhi (Agro ecologist, pionnier of a true ecologicaland spiritual revolution. Writer and foundor of «Terre & humanisme» (Earthand Humanism) )

Pierre Aucante (Photographer and writer)

Serrano Sophie (Consultant and coach in well being)

Thierry Gaudin (Engineer of Mines, graduate of Polytechnique engineering school), President of " Prospective 2100 ") 



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