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Mango Tree, India


Amidst a forest of a mango and banana trees, our farm named "Mango Tree" welcomes you in a completely ecological and Ayurvedic site close to the authentic village of Nargol and 4 km from the beach of the Arabian Sea.

where you can enjoy a temperate climate throughout the year.


Mango Tree welcomes you to learn the techniques of Ayurvedic massage

and enjoy ayurvedic retreats.


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Ayurvedic retreats


Our new center "Mango Tree" welcomes you for deep relaxation with authentic Ayurvedic massages and treatments.


19 to 31 January 2014

2 to 14 Feb 2014

Course on Ayurvedic massage


Module A: 19 to 24 Jan 2014

Module B: 26 to 31 Jan 2014

Module C: 2 to 7 Feb 2014

Module D: 9 to 14 Feb 2014

It is now possible to learn Ayurvedic massage at its very roots: in India, in a typical Indian village in Gujarat, 150 kms from Bombay. 

It is an ideal place to discover or learn about Ayurveda, the traditional Indian system of medicine.

A typical day would be:

- Yoga and meditation on the beach

- Practice of Ayurvedic massage (learn each part of the body to link the whole to the Abhyanga massage, massage of the entire body)

and specific Ayurvedic massage (7 positions, sphinx, foetus...)

-Theory of Ayurveda ( fundamentals of Ayurveda to be applied to your daily life)

- Basis of dietetics and healthy cooking according to the Ayurvedic principles

- Visit of organic farms and nearby schools

- Visit of Tithal and meeting with a Jain monk (philosophy based on non-violence)


Each week validates one module of the course of Ayurvedic massage.

Seminar on Reflexology


19 to 24 Jan 2014

Seminar on Yoga lahari (breathing)


26 to 31 Jan 2014

Seminar on Ayurvedic Beauty treatments (Saundarya)


9 to 14 Feb 2014

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